Joining Boy Scouts is easy.

First, you need to find a Troop that works for you. Although the fundamentals are the same in every BSA Troop, there are many different variations. Some Troops are small - some are large. Some have a lot of adults helping out - others have a few. Different leaders are equipped to work with different types of boys.

We suggest that you look around a little, there are lots of good Troops in New Castle County. Visit them, go on a camping trip with one or two in which you're interested, get to know them before making a decision. BTW, it really helps a lot to go Scouting with a friend - friends are part of what makes Scouting so much fun!

Once you settle on a Troop to join, the basic procedure is the same for all troops. But many add a few additional steps for the convenience of the individual unit. Click below to learn how to join Troop 50.

» How to Join Troop 50

Of course once you join you've only just begun the adventure! Here's a few more things you need to know about after becoming a scout in Troop 50:

The Boy Scout Uniform

We are a Class A troop! We believe in the value of the Boy Scout Uniform and we wear it proudly. We maintain a used uniform collection from which Troop 50 members may borrow a uniform. Or you can buy a uniform at the Scout Shop in at Del-Mar-Va Council Headquarters in Wilmington in the Waterfront Shopping Center. The Class A, or Field Uniform, consists of the official khaki shirt, official olive green scout pants or shorts, official green socks.

The uniform is complete when all of the appropriate identifying patches are on the shirt. Here is a copy of the official BSA insignia guide.

The Boy Scout Uniform

Camping gear you'll need right away



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