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Boy Scouts of America Troop 50

Now in our 60th year

We are a group of young men and dedicated adults having FUN AND ADVENTURE in the great outdoors while living the principles of the Boy Scout Oath and Law.

We meet at Ebenezer United Methodist Church
525 Polly Drummond Rd., Newark, Delaware
Troop meetings are on Thursday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30.

Fishing & Boating!

June 7th - Flag Retirement

June 8th - 10th Fishing and Boating at Cape Henlopen

June 14th - Pool Night at Cavalier Apartments, not at Ebenezer

June 21st - Scout Skills night, 1st year parents summer camp prep.

June 28th - Koubaball Tournament

June 11th - 17th Seabase Crew in Bahamas

Next Month: Summer Camp

August is Patrol Camping and annual planning!

June Merit Badge Spotlight:
Fishing and Canoeing


Every Scout ought to be able to fish in order to get food for himself. A tenderfoot [beginner] who starved on the bank of a river full of fish would look very silly, yet it might happen to one who had never learned to catch fish.


For several centuries, the canoe was a primary method of travel for explorers and settlers. Today, it remains an important part of the wilderness experience and an enjoyable leisure activity that teaches communication, teamwork, and physical fitness.

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Remember our motto: Be Prepared

Help a friend out with their homework, Volunteer at your local hospital
Tell us about the good turn that you did today!

Troop 50 was established in 1958 and is

Sponsored by Ebenezer United Methodist Church.

For more information, contact Scoutmaster Dan White

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